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One of leading pewter manufactures in thailand masterpieces take

Pewter ware today has grown into one of THAILAND most famous handicrafted products. And ACHIEVE PEWTER is one of the country's leading pewter manufactures, Our pewter is made form 97% puretin, plus three percent copper and antimony which is internationally recognished standard for pewter.

ACHIEVE PEWTER is proud of the fact that every item we offer for sale is carefuly processed. In brief, tin one is refined into pure tin which is mixed with the two additional constituents to  from a molten  metal.

The liquid is poured in to casting moulds where they are immediately cooled and separated.  The different elements of an article are then soldered together, cleaned and buffed the surface is skimmed by a special hand-held knife. Final polishing is done with a particular, gently abrasive quality that synthetics cannot dupicate.